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We think na on the long Scots miles,
The moses, waters, slaps, and styles,
That lie between us and our hame,
Whare sits our sulky, sullen dame,
Gathering her brows like gathering storm,
Nursing her wrath to keep it warm.


Burns Supper Archive
A Guide to the Greatest Scottish Feast

Welcome to the Burns Supper Archive. Here you will find a growing resource of information aimed at those who would like to "host" their own Burns Supper or learn more of this great Scottish Tradition which is celebrated throughout the world on many occasions. Please help us grow our archive material and assist others by "contributing" your own article for The Burns Supper.
Whether an expert, a novice, young or old, your input is valuable.
Please take a moment to visit our Contributions Page for further information. Friendly debate within the Discussion Forum is welcome.

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