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Sweet Revenge !

This reply to the Toast to the Lassies, by Janie Krull of Witchita, KS, was given in response to her husbands (Steve) toast (see Poetic Lassies)


Response of the Lassies

By Janie Krull

Two nights ago,
I and my mate
Had an evening alone
We went out on a date.

A night to ourselves,
An evening to savor.
"Oh, by the way,
Can you do me a favor"?

A response to my toast
Is all that we need.
Please don't make me
Get on my knees and plead!

Emma can't do it,
She doesn't have time.
R.K. is in Scotland,
The bloody swine!

Just a small something
And "Oh, by the way,
This verse that you write,
It's due Saturday"!

So much to do
So far behind,
We can't help but end up
Changing our minds!

A request such as this
Quite often they spring,
It's no wonder our moods
Are inclined to swing!

They do come in handy
Every once in a while,
They say nice things
And make us smile.

When we can't reach things
Way up on high,
All we do is call
And it's easy as pie.

Crawling things come
And make our hearts go a-flitter
These gents know how
To get rid of a critter.

They put up with our moods
Our diets and hair-dos.
They know how we get
When we buy new shoes.

They fix what's broken
They take care of our cars.
They move heavy objects
And program our VCR's

When it's important to them
They are up with the sun.
And still I wonder
Will my sewing room ever be done

Through bad hair days
And failed weight-loss attempts,
These men before us
Are awfully fine gents.

So ladies stand up…

To the men we've raised
And the ones that we wed
A toast to the laddies…
Enough said!