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Auld Lang Syne Newsletter

 Auld Lang Syne 

Welcome to the  Newsletter of the World Burns Club which will be regularly updated to provide information on -
Events - Competitions - News - Member Services - Information - Contributions - Fun and Fellowship.

"Auld Lang Syne" is the world's most famous song..but so few actually know it! 

The words are recognised as an international anthem of friendship and representative of Scotland and Robert Burns. Hence the name of our Newsletter ! 

For more information on this famous song, its meaning and words, click on

"So What's Auld Lang Syne"


In this issue of "Auld Lang Syne"

Jean Armour Statue unveiling
World first for Mauchline

Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott
Two versions of Scottish National Identity
By Ingo Kuehn

The 'Jacobite cause' and Scott´s Waverley Consequences for the Scottish Identity?
By Ingo Kuehn

'Class distinction' in Burns´ work and
its impact on Scottish society

By Ingo Kuehn

'Scottishness' versus 'Britishness'-
Burns a Scot, Scott a Brit?

Two Different Versions of National Identities
By Ingo Kuehn

The Burns Doctor
You Shouldn't Laugh !!!

Burns Performs Live
Chris Tate appears as Robert Burns

Bryce Curdy Prints
Superb Burns Prints by a young artist

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