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You Shouldn't Laugh !!!

It's amazing……….. the power of the internet…… and a' that !!!

Step 1 - Choose your Search Engine

Step 2 - Simply type in the key word you are looking for…..say…. "Burns"

Step 3 - Choose other words that more precisely define your search criteria……….for example………. "world's leading authority"

Step 4 - The search engine now displays the results……..and of course up pops good old However…………..

We recently received an e -mail which read as follows :-

" iam doctor and i have reltave patient to me he is old 38 years old suffer from vitilgo for the last 3 years before 1 week as he was used ultra lotion to his skin but due to sun ligh he have second degree of burn to his skin the question is did the vitiligo disappear from thes site of burn due to the regenration of his epithlem of his skin. pease answer me and thank you again. "

As I say……you shouldn't laugh !!

(As a matter of courtesy, we did email the good Doctor to put him right.)


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