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Robert Burns - A Limited Edition of Fine Art Prints

This special collector's print features a colour-tinted engraved portrait of Scotland's national bard set in a banded oval border and surrounded by scenes from some of his most famous works.
A beautiful limited edition, stone lithograph print is produced on very high quality, watermarked goatskin fine art paper this is a faithful reproduction of the original, dated 1884.
Available mounted in an antique mahogany finished frame with gilt surround, it is glazed to protect its fine quality and backed by hardboard which is pinned then taped to seal it from dust.
Whether to grace your own home or as an original gift for special friends or family,
this high quality print will be admired by everyone who see it.
A strictly limited edition of 1850 prints is now available and represents exceptional value for money.
Framed print: £55.00 + P&P (print only: £37.50 + P&P)

For order information and delivery details, send an email Burns Prints

N.B. Please call for pricing on bulk quantities. (Portraits Dimensions-45cm x 55cm)


2008 The Robert Burns World Federation