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Burns Performs Live

Edinburgh based Chris Tait sent us his most recent pictures in his portrayal of Robert Burns. The reports on his web site suggests he puts on a pretty good performance.

"He appears in full period costume and wig, and his likeness to Burns is remarkable. He is the only actor to tell Burns' story in the image of Burns himself."
"Christopher's act is theatrical, imaginative and witty, and is tailored to suit each audience, whether learned Burnsians or first-timers."
"He delivers Burns' own Immortal Memory with knowledge and passion and his rendition of Tam O'Shanter is as thunderous as you are likely to see. To add extra polish he tells the tale in its complete form, adding the verse and lines omitted from the published version. "

For more information on Chris Tait go to

Chris Tait appears as Robert Burns
at Edinburgh's Burns Monument


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