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Robert Burns - What's in a Name ? 

Today, Robert Burns is affectionately known by a number of names and occasionally people can get quite animated over which ones are in fact correct. So here's a little fun teaser for you !

Question :- 

Which of the following names do you think Robert Burns never used ? (There's a clue for a start!) Some of you may just be surprised at the answer ! You might even win a little side bet with your friends on this one !

Click on the name you think he never used to reveal if you are correct




Were You Right ?

Try clicking on all the names listed for information, evidence and background on the correct (and of course the incorrect ) use of Burns's name. Hopefully you now know the correct answer. So next time a friendly argument ensues…..put your money on the table and tell your friends to visit this page. Watch their face as you pick up your winnings….courtesy of The World Burns Club !


2008 The Robert Burns World Federation