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Introducing Irvine Burns Club

We are delighted to introduce The Irvine Burns Club to our members and visitors. In particular we can announce that The Irvine Burns Club will feature regularly on our site and are to provide assistance and expert input on a variety of topics.

Why Irvine Burns Club ?

Quite simply, Irvine Burns Club is one of the most impressive clubs you will ever come across and have a significant and proud history. Robert Burns lived and worked in Irvine for a short period of his life, hence the strong links with the town. Today, the club are strongly supported by a healthy membership of exceptional individuals including world authorities on Robert Burns.

Individuals such as John Inglis and Sam Gaw, both former presidents of the worldwide Burns Federation, and whose knowledge of Burns and ability to perform his work is outstanding. Recognised internationally for their contribution to Burns, both men have travelled the world proposing "Immortal Memories" and giving recitals.

If that were not enough.. the club are owners and guardians of one of the worlds most exciting collections of Burns artefacts and material, housed in its resplendent museum, which is open to the public.


You will hear much more about Irvine Burns Club over the coming weeks!

Irvine in Ayrshire is an old market town situated on the west coast of Scotland, approx 14 miles north of Ayr. The Club was founded in 2nd June 1826 and is one of the worlds longest continuous Burns clubs. Five personal friends of Robert Burns were among the group of local gentleman, whose idea it was to form the club.

We are delighted to be associated with Irvine Burns Club. We look forward to working with them and to sharing with you, our members and visitors, the full extent of the talent of their membership, and the exciting treasures they hold.

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