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The World Burns Youth Club
(Under 18's)

Hi Guys!

Welcome to the coolest, interactive site on Robert Burns anywhere. Thanks for looking in.

In this issue, we got two competitions running

You see, here at the World Burns Club, an important part of what we try to do, is to encourage young people from around the world to learn the fascinating story of Robert Burns. To help make this happen we have set up the World Burns Youth Club and hope that you enjoy visiting us on a regular basis. So help us make this the biggest interactive Burns Youth Club on the planet ..and join in! 
Tell your friends, parents & teachers to pay a visit! You are also welcome to become a member of The World Burns Club!

Prize Quiz - Win a copy of the famous book "The Complete Works of Robert Burns" edited by Dr. James A Mackay and signed by him.

1. When was Robert Burns born?
2. What were the names of his Mother and Father?
3. When Robert Burns was only 15 he wrote his first poem. What was it called?
4. Which poem starts with the line - "Wee sleekit, cowrin, tim'rous beastie".. and what do these old Scottish words mean? 
5. What was Robert Burns wife's name? 

Please e-mail you answers, giving your name, age, country, state/county, your regular e-mail address and if possible, the name of the school or college you attend. 
Send to The winner will be announced in the World Burns Youth Club pages and will be contacted by e-mail. Closing date 15th March 2000. 

Regular Competition - 

Write a short essay on a Burns topic of your choice. The best article contributed to the site will win a copy of the book "The Complete Works of Robert Burns" edited by Dr. James A Mackay. Also, your article may be published in the World Burns Youth Club pages, so that others can read it and learn from it too. 

Need some ideas for your essay?
Tell us what your favourite poem is and why. How is Robert Burns celebrated in your country or at your school? Tell us what you think the poem - "To a Louse" is all about. Why do you think Robert Burns is so famous? Can you compose your own poem in the same style as Robert Burns? It's your choice !

To send your essay or article, please e-mail to Mac 
Please give details of your name, age, country, state/county, and your regular e-mail address. If possible, please give the name of the school or college you attend.


2008 The Robert Burns World Federation