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Exhibition of Burns memorabilia

Pittencrieff House Museum,Dunfermline

Begins on Monday 15th January to 4th March 2001. For more information contact Lesley Botten on 01383 313838. Opening hours 11.00 to 16.00 every day. The exhibition is of part of the collection made by John Murison and donated in 1921to the city of Dunfermline by
Sir Alexander Gibb of Dunfermline United Burns Club.





The Murison Burns Collection

JOHN MURISON spent a lifetime collecting all types of things relating to the life and works of Robert Burns. When he sold his collection in 1921 he had collected around 1,500 books, some 80 pictures, many souvenirs and other items.

This display is just a very small part of the collection which is kept at the Dunfermline Carnegie Library.

A CATALOGUE of the BOOKS was made in 1953 with a grant from the Dunfermline Public House Society which had celebrated its 50 year jubilee in 1951. You can look at the catalogue over on the table. You will see that, apart from books written by Robert Burns, John Murison collected letters, translations, facsimiles and forgeries, music, biographies, reviews, articles, and much more.

Murison, a Scot living in London, also collected POSTCARDS with an exclusively Scottish theme. Some show traditional scenes but many are comic. A few of these have been copied and displayed in the glass cases. An album on the table contains more examples