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Beneath The Kilt !

A recent news story taken from Yahoo's news pages reads:-

LONDON (Reuters) - The naked truth about what Scotsmen wear under their kilts has been revealed -- absolutely nothing.
Braving the chilly Scottish weather, seven out of 10 men follow tradition and go naked beneath the country's national dress, according to a survey on Friday.
"It is something to do with Scottish pride," said a spokeswoman for whisky maker The Famous Grouse, behind the poll of 800 men. "There is no way they would wear anything, even if it's freezing."


Highland tradition dictates men should wear nothing beneath their pleated skirts, in accordance with the punning saying: "Nothing is worn beneath the kilt -- it's all in perfect working order."
For those not brave enough to "go commando", the survey found boxer shorts with a tartan design were the second most popular choice.
Scotsmen have worn kilts for hundreds of years, shrugging off jibes from south of the border.
Kilt makers have moved with the times, recently unveiling a design with a pocket for a mobile phone.

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