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Help !

Toasts, Immortal Memories & Replies

One of the most frequent requests we receive here at The World Burns Club is from members & visitors seeking assistance and input on giving a public address at a Burns Supper or similar event. In particular of course, are requests for help on "The Immortal Memory", the "Toast to the Lassies" & the "Reply to the Toast to the Lassies"

Whilst we always try to help where possible through direct contact, we are always grateful for the input given by our regular experts and knowledgeable "Burnsians" who regularly pop into the Discussion Forum.

During the coming year, we are inviting our visitors & members to help us gather as many such speeches as possible in order that we can continue to build an archive of content for others to share.

It should be noted, that many speeches are made by people who have no great in depth knowledge of Burns and have been "thrown in at the deep end"

One of the key philosophies of The World Burns Club is to make Burns more accessible and user friendly to everyone.

So whether you are an "expert" or a "novice", please send us a copy of any Burns related speech you have made. We will then post these in a special archive for everyone to share. As always, you will of course be credited with writing the piece.

Send your speech to Mac together with your name and town / state / country of origin.

Many thanks for your help.