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Message from Shirley Bell, Chief Executive of
The Robert Burns World Federation

At the opening of the Scottish Parliament, the late First Minister, Donald Dewar, remarked that this was "Not an end, but the means to a greater end".
This statement equally applies to the changes which have taken place within the Burns Federation, with the establishment of "The Robert Burns World Federation"
A decision was taken by delegates to the Peebles Conference on 12 September 1998 to accept the motion to approve the promotion and incorporation of a company limited by guarantee with full charitable status.

The momentous decision recognised the changing needs, and opportunities available to our organisation within the new structure, whilst maintaining the aims and objectives of the Burns Federation, which have served us well for very many years.

We have at our disposal a unique opportunity to promote cultural tourism, which can be of tremendous benefit to the Scottish economy. This is why it is so important to maintain our national heritage, and by encouraging investment in all areas related to Robert Burns and his contemporaries, we can ensure there are places of interest for our visitors to enjoy.

The Robert Burns Federation is justifiably proud of its efforts within Schools throughout Scotland to encourage teaching of the works and philosophies of Robert Burns. The competitions attract upwards of 160,000 children, and this must be maintained and increased. The future generation hold within their grasp, the means of carrying forward and promoting their Scottish traditions of music, song, verse and art to a world-wide audience.

The Robert Burns World Federation will continue to maintain the aspirations of its forefathers, through active membership, positive deeds and with adequate resources to achieve its objectives.
This is what is expected of an organisation recognised throughout the world as the custodians of all matters relating to the works and philosophies of Scotland's National Bard, Robert Burns.

"For the future be prepar'd:
Guard wherever thou can'st guard:
But, thy utmost duly done,
Welcome what thou can'st not shun."
(Robert Burns 1759-1796)

Shirley Bell
Chief Executive