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Discussion Forum Winner


Following a fantastic number of entries to our competition to "Name our Discussion Forum", we are delighted to announce a winner !

Those who entered certainly have a great imagination and the standard was very high, making the final decision very difficult... and a lot of fun. Entries were received from Scotland, England, USA, Canada, Russia, Dubai, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Ireland, Holland, South Africa, Brazil, Ireland & Germany.

It was particularly pleasing for us to receive such a wide spread of entries from across the world. It was also interesting to note that the greatest number of entries were received from USA, which produced three times more than Scotland !

Without further ado however, we can now announce the winner as Mr. John.W. Philips of NJ, USA who suggested this simple name:-

"My Dear Friend,"

As John correctly pointed out, Burns regularly began his correspondence with the words " My Dear Friend," ( or Sir, Madam etc) Had Burns been alive today, his famous letters may well have been replaced by e-mail, but his courteous introduction would no doubt have remained. The World Burns Club welcomes everyone as our "friends" to participate in corresponding through the Discussion Forum, which will now present the greeting "My Dear Friend," to all who visit. Well done John !

John has received a coveted World Burns Club Silver Quaich for his effort.

Thanks to all who participated.



















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