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The World Burns Club Quaich

The World Burns Club Quaich is made here in Scotland by one of the countries finest producers of Scottish Crafts.

A "Quaich" (pronounced kway-ch with a soft end sound as in Loch), is an old Scottish drinking cup. Dating back hundreds of years, the quaich was carried by most men, to allow them to scoop water from rivers, streams or "burns" (the Scottish name for a stream) A Journey of any distance in those days could be difficult and harsh, so the Scot would not be able to carry too many things. Hence, the drinking cup was reduced to this size and made easily available from his belt.

Typically made from wood, the quaich would hang from the persons belt and be attached by a leather strap to one of the short handles at the side. More ornate quaichs were made from Horn or Bone. Today, the quaich is sold as an ornamental piece in a range of sizes and finishes and is often presented in Scotland to mark an achievement or as a token of friendship & respect. 



2008 The Robert Burns World Federation