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Born in the USA ? 

It has been announced that Professor McCrone of Glasgow University has been awarded a 1 Million budget to study "What makes people Scottish?" (Hmmm!!!)                                 

Taking this interesting if not unusual concept, (and without the big budget!) the World Burns Club are interested in learning more about the influence of Robert Burns around the world, and would welcome comment and debate within the Discussion Forum.


It is recognised that Burns has achieved incredible fame throughout the world, and is celebrated as a national symbol for Scotland. But what made this modern day celebration achieve its popularity in counties such as Australia, USA, Canada, Russia etc ? Our views on this are briefly discussed in the article "A Beginners Guide to Burns" found in the archive section, but we would like to widen the debate. 


(We have posted an article dealing with Robert Burns views on the American War. See the artcile by Dr Jim Mackay within the Archive)

Sitting here in Scotland, in the heart of "Burns Country", we have been brought up in a culture, which inwardly identifies with "Robert Burns the Scot". Our education system focuses on his writings and on the historic facts....but not to any extent on his influences abroad. Who better to answer the question " Why is Burns celebrated abroad?", than those of you living in other countries. After all, it could be argued that there are more people abroad who have participated in celebrating Robert Burns, there are more Scots and descendants of Scots living abroad, and there are more "Burns Clubs" abroad, than here in Scotland itself! (Surely testimony to the genius of Burns and our pride in Scotland and Scottish Heritage)

  • Was your interest in Robert Burns past down from your parents or grandparents?
  • Are you an ex-patriate Scot living abroad, and clinging proudly to your Scottish Heritage? 
  •  Do you have no ancestral links with Scotland, and like many others, simply find his work to be remarkable? 
  •  Are you merely fascinated by his incredible life story? 
  •  What does Robert Burns mean to you? 
  •  What role does Robert Burns play in your Caledonian Society, St. Andrews Club or indeed Burns Club? 
  •  What are your views on how Burns became famous in your Country?

    Please feel free to post your views in our Discussion Forum or respond to others who have made comment. If you feel more inclined, write an article and you could win a World Burns Club Silver Quaich - for details go to "Best Article" 

2008 The Robert Burns World Federation