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The Shortest Lassies Reply !

Denise L Smith from good ol' Tennessee sent this great little ditty.
I'm sure many of you women will now quote this one!


"I'm a member of the Highland Rim Scottish Society in middle Tennessee, USA. Last year at our Burns Dinner I wrote and gave the following reply."

A Toast to the Laddies

From Scotland, Wales and Canada
and to Ameri-kay
There are no braver men be 'ad,
Na even by light o' day,

Then those dear few who wear thir plaids
and show thir bonnie knees
To know what's hidden higher still,
for some would n'er please.

For un'er-neath those kilts you tilt,
we've seen the sights full well,
And all us Lassies blush'n red,
we think your look'n swell.

By Denise L Smith
Jan. 2000


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